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This website is everything I love about music, my reviews from all the gigs I’ve enjoyed and the guitar artwork I have created in homage to my rock heroes and my instrument of choice, the electric guitar.

I love nothing better than a live band and take my inspiration for guitar art from my favourite rock and indie bands, most noteably the Foo Fighters, but I’m also in the process of creating new pieces based on The Charlatans and Artic Monkeys.  I hope you enjoy reading about my escapades and browsing the gallery section.  If you’d like any more information or details of guitar art commissions contact me at hannah_farrell@hotmail.com

Dave Grohl in oil paint

Dave Grohl in oil paint

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  1. Dan says:

    Looking cool!

  2. Rik says:

    Top site – nice one, Hannah! 🙂

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