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Alice Cooper

MEN Arena: 15th November 2017

An Alice Cooper show is a spectacle of rock, theatre and pyrotechnics!

Pure showmanship exuded the man himself as he donned multiple jackets and hats whilst orchestrating his musicians with a cane.

I have to admit to only being familiar with 4 or 5 hits, but an Alice Cooper gig is so much more than the music. Throughout the show the 4 guitarists dashed around stage, whilst the drummer was placed high on a pedestal above the action.  All the while Alive Cooper was transformed from mad doctor in a poof of smoke and fireworks into a 7ft frankenstien, was strapped into a straightjacket and had his head chopped off in a guillotine!

My obligatory blurry photo

My obligatory blurry photo

He’s not a man of many words, speaking only at the end to introduce the band but this just added to the onstage personal of slightly unhinged rock god.

His original band joined the show for the last few hits, which were topped off (without the pomp and charade of an encore) with hit School’s Out / Brick in the Wall medley. An amazing end to the night as new band joined old, equating to 6 guitarists and 2 drummers as giant confetti filled balloons were released into the audience.  Definitely a show worth catching!

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