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The Ritz Manchester: 27th January 2017 

The evening began with giant pizzas in Blackdog and the determination not to move after a waitress decided our table was reserved 5 minutes after we’d ordered food. An hour later, with full stomachs and a reserve sign mysteriously disappearing, we made our way to the Ritz.

Us at Mexrrissey

Dan, Annie and Glen at Mexrrissey

I didn’t know what to expect from Mexrrissey and had purposely not looked on YouTube prior to the gig to maintain the excitement and intrigue. Having brainstormed alternative names, El Smithio being the best of those, Mexrrissey was the most appropriate as the gig was a true mix of Morrissey’s solo songs and Smiths classics.


Me enjoying the build up

I guess I’d expected a more stereotypical and almost cartoon like Mexicans (a bit like the Mexican version of our very own Lancashire Hotpots), complete with sombreros, ponchos and panpipes (a la South Park ep10, s12). I was met with something altogether cooler and better. Clad in tight black trousers and leather jackets, the female lead did the impossible, giving original tunes a real sass and sexiness, whilst Camilo Lara combined the decks with witty banter.

My obligatory, blurry and obscured stage photo

My obligatory, blurry and obscured stage photo

It was clear the band were loving it and the crowd were too, showing support for Mexico and its current predicament through a blazing cheer that ripped through the Ritz. So, not the comedy band I might have expected but more a group of accomplished Mexican musicians with a love of our Mancunian songsmith, which made the gig fun with a sunshine vibe that couldn’t be dampened by the rain outside.

Got enough beers Dan?

Got enough beers Dan?


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  1. Glen Haxton says:

    Very good review. Was a good gig.

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